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Technical information on synthetic materials

The particular application is crucial in determining valve design, as is the resistance of the materials used in construction to the operating fluid.

Knowledge of the fluid's concentration, temperature and degree of contamination are crucial to making the right material selection. Further relevant criteria are operating pressure and maximum flow rate. In addition to operational temperature, high pressure levels and velocities of flow need also to be considered when choosing appropriate materials.

All component materials used in Buschjost solenoid valves, in the casing, the seals and the magnets themselves, are carefully chosen to meet the requirements of the respective areas of application.

PPO - polyphenylenoxid
Hot water resistance at slight water absorption, high impact strength, slight density.

PVC - polyvinyl chloride
Resistant to most acids, alkalis, salt solutions and water miscible organic solvents. Not resistant to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

PVDF - polyvinylidene fluoride
Suitable for almost all aggressive fluids in the temperature range of +20 °C to 100 °C.

PFA - fluoroplastic
As resistant as PVDF, but suitable for an extended temperature range of 20 °C  to 150 °C.

PP - polypropylene
Resistant to aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and salts, depending on the concentration and temperature.

POM - polyoxymethylene
Material with high hardness and low water absorption. Not to be used with alkalis, acids and oxidizing agents.