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kv value calculation (liquids)

Volume flow Q m3/h  
Medium (density) p kg/dm3  
Inlet pressure (absolute) p1 bar  
Outlet pressure (absolute) p2 bar  
Differential pressure Δ p 0,00 bar  

Calculation of kv value
Required kv value of valve
0,00 m3/h
The calculation formulas are purely practical formulas and must only be used with the specified units. Please pay close attention to the units specified by us.

Δ p = p1 - p2

pü = p - pl
p = absolute pressure of the medium
pü = Overpressure
pl =Atmospheric pressure outside the valve

If the exact value of the atmospheric pressure (pl) is unknown,
use ~ 1000 hPa (1 bar) as a default value.

                      p1  >  Δ p  >  p2