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Starting a new phase of life - Training is beginning for seven new apprentices at Buschjost GmbH

The new trainees and their trainers have had some exciting experiences in their first few days: (from left to right, bottom to top) Pascal Brandt, Lauren Jonbenet Janik, Jasmin Remke, Nils Stuke, Jonas Schwarze, Matthias Gestring, Jonathan Dick, Nadine Schneckener, Kerstin Schiermeyer, Thomas Handt.

“As a company, our success depends on the performance and knowledge of each individual. This is precisely why we attach so much importance to training young people ourselves and thus providing the next generation of specialists”, explained Thomas König, plant manager at Buschjost GmbH (a company of IMI Precision Engineering) at the start of the new training programme. "Most of our apprentices stay with the company as specialists after their training. And that’s also important for the region.”

Seven young people started their careers at Buschjost GmbH in August. The valve specialist offers a wide range of apprenticeships with eight training occupations and a dual degree in mechanical engineering/industrial engineering. Buschjost GmbH is currently enabling 26 trainees and two students to lay the first important foundation stone for their successful careers in this way. This year there were new apprentices on the following training pathways: one industrial mechanic, one specialist in warehouse logistics, two cutting machine operators, one tool mechanic and two industrial clerks have strengthened the team.

On their first day, the management and the team of trainers welcomed the trainees together and emphasised what a special moment in life the first step in your career actually is - full of excitement and uncertainty, but also of joy and curiosity. “In order to make the exciting transition into professional life as smooth as possible, we start with several induction days during which trainees get to know each other and the company better”, said HR Manager Kirstin Schroller.

On the very first day, organisational questions were discussed and detailed instruction was given to raise awareness of occupational safety - an important topic at Buschjost. In addition to the theoretical basics of the training, the induction also included a small in-house rally to explore the company. The second day started with a breakfast for all “old” and “new” trainees, then they moved on to the respective departments. There, the new Buschjost employees are being integrated into ongoing projects with immediate effect and they are actively involved in day-to-day activities.

At the beginning of the second week, all the trainees set off with the trainers on the traditional “getting to know one another” trip. The two-day event is intended to bring the group even closer together and strengthen the sense of community. Other companies are also visited. “This has now become a very agreeable tradition. Apprentices and trainers get to know each other much better in a special atmosphere”, explained Kirstin Schroller.

Numerous other events supplement the training programme at Buschjost GmbH. During the training period, the focus is not only on acquiring the professional skills required for the profession, but also on personal development. In monthly training courses, for example, the trainees present various areas themselves and learn a lot about the Group, product development, finance and purchasing. Another initiative involves some trainees setting out as training ambassadors and giving school students in the region an insight into their personal impressions of everyday working life. “Vocational training in Germany has a high status and thus forms a very good basis for the future of young people. As an international company, we offer excellent career prospects in a wide variety of business areas worldwide, together with our parent company IMI Precision Engineering”, says Thomas König.