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Health and integrity - IMI Way Day at Buschjost GmbH

Factory manager Thomas König carried out the training on the IMI Way Day.

Staff were able to spend the entire day trying out fitness equipment.

The age-simulation suit piles on an extra 40 years.

Last week, the topics of health and exemplary conduct were the focus at Buschjost GmbH (an IMI Precision Engineering company). As part of an internal training programme, the "IMI Way Days", all employees had an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the regulations and values which apply within the company.

IMI Way was created by IMI plc. in May 2009 and is a code of conduct for all employees in the IMI group. It enshrines the values needed in order to operate a business fairly and sustainably. "In order for every employee to be familiar with these values and to have internalised them, it is important that they are continually conveyed and, more importantly, that they are lived," says factory manager Thomas König, whose task for the day was to train the 380 employees in Bad Oeynhausen. World-wide, all subsidiary companies of the British IMI plc. take part in an annual "IMI Way Day".

Health is also greatly valued at Buschjost GmbH. As a consequence, the business ran a day of action for its staff, with the topic being the maintenance of good health through exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

Throughout the day, employees had the opportunity to get informed and to attend presentations, and professional health check-ups. The programme included workshops on the topics of "Healthy nutrition during the working day", "Protecting your skin – how to keep your skin healthy" and "Movement at work", as well as all sorts of participatory activities: discovering their stress levels, analysing the spine in the back check-up, or solving puzzles related to back health in the Escape room. Tackling an assault course whilst wearing a set of drunkenness-simulation goggles showed how even small concentrations of alcohol in the blood can affect responses. An age-simulation suit showed wearers what it could feel like to be forty years older. Staff also had a go on fitness equipment, which they set up, and tested e-bikes. Healthy nutrition also featured, with freshly-mixed smoothies, fruit and a nutritious lunch.

"All businesses profit from the health, motivation and enthusiasm of their staff," says Thomas König. Alongside training, qualifications and the design of work places and shift systems, Buschjost GmbH therefore also focusses on health management. "We want our staff to develop greater awareness of their health and to commit to maintaining it. This helps to maintain their employability, but it also increases quality of life and happiness.“

Summing the day up: our fifth Health Day has also been met with great interest. Participants from all departments and of all ages were enthusiastic. "Of course, we mustn't forget to thank the partners who took part and who contributed so much time and enthusiasm. Thanks so much for this! We have heard many positive opinions and the tradition is set to continue," promises Kirstin Schroller, head of personnel.