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Children’s wishes to come true - Together with its staff, Buschjost GmbH is supporting the ‘Wünsch dir was’ campaign

Numerous employees were involved in the campaign and took care of one or even several wish lists.

Hilke Fabry (from left right) and Elina Damm accepted the gifts and the donation from Sandra Wehrhahn and Violetta Macion.

For nine years now, ‘give a donation instead of a gift’ has been the motto at Buschjost GmbH, an IMI Precision Engineering company in Bad Oeynhausen. This is the fifth time that the company, together with staff, has supported the ‘Make a wish’ campaign, a project run by the Karlsson e.V. association in Herford.

The project fulfils the wishes of children from poor families in the region. Often, the children simply wish for some much-needed clothing. Many do not even have a decent pair of shoes or a warm coat for the winter.

All in all, a total of 87 wish lists from children and young people between the ages of 0 and 21 have been taken on by Buschjost employees. Many even chose several wish lists. The value of each package is at least €20 per child. In addition, the company also donated €1,125 to the association, which is to be used for education in the form of English courses and for a swimming course during the holidays for the smaller children.

“Being involved with the community is an essential part of our corporate culture,” explains Buschjost Managing Director, Oliver Wehking. “We have especially close ties with the region and with its people. Even though the focus during our day-to-day work is on professional success, we still need to spend some time at Christmas, at least, helping the less fortunate members of society. We are very happy to be able to support Karlsson in the excellent work that it does and that, through our donation and the contributions made by our staff, we can make Christmas and the New Year a bit better for children and young people in need.”

In mid-December Nicole Flagmeyer, Violetta Macion and Sandra Wehrhahn from Buschjost Marketing, handed over the many beautifully decorated parcels and our donation to Hilke Fabry and Elina Damm from the Karlsson e.V. association. In the coming days, they, along with their team, will be distributing the presents so that they will all be sitting under Christmas trees on time.