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Learning as a team - Training begins at Buschjost GmbH

An exciting first day lies behind the new trainees and their trainers (standing, from the left)

We’re delighted to have so many motivated, talented young people train with us once again,” explains Oliver Wehking, CEO of Buschjost GmbH (an IMI Precision Engineering company).

On 1 August, seven new people began training at Buschjost, and so now two cutting machine operators, one industrial mechanic, a tool mechanic, a technical product designer, an industrial management assistant and a process engineer for plastic and rubber technology are joining the Bad Oeynhausen team. As a result, Buschjost now has 16 trainees and two students on integrated degree programmes. These new arrivals are aged between 17 and 25, and have come from all around Bad Oeynhausen to complete their training at Buschjost.

A comprehensive induction event is what lay in store for these newcomers on their first day. First of all, they were given a welcome by HR Manager Kirstin Schroller and told a little bit about the company, the new environment and their rights and duties. They discussed questions about organisation, and were given detailed information about work safety, a key theme at Buschjost.

“We place a great deal of emphasis on team spirit and networking as soon as training begins”, says Kristin Schroller. “During induction, our new trainees have the chance to make solid contacts in the company in their very first week.” As a team, they tried putting their ideas about various tasks into practice, and at a quiz event, they answered questions and solved puzzles about their new employer. The second day began with a communal breakfast for both “old” and “new” trainees alike, and afterwards, the trainees headed to their relevant departments.

The end of August will see the traditional two-day “trainee icebreaker trip”, which rounds off the start of professional life. This will involve all trainee groups, the idea being for them to get to know each other in a fun way. In keeping with tradition, the objective and the schedule for the trip will not be disclosed until the very end.

This year, Buschjost is celebrating its 85th anniversary, a company that has been consistently fostering up-and-coming talent for many years. In addition to specialist qualifications, the company values the personal development of new recruits, and this is why a number of its projects help boost social skills. Oliver Wehking also highlighted the major importance of professional training for securing the future of the company, and so students and trainees are also invited to help shape the company’s future themselves.

The company is also looking for motivated trainees for 2019, and a few applications have already been submitted. “I expect one source of motivation for a number of applicants must be the fact we take on most of our trainees when training comes to an end,” says Kirstin Schroller.