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Robust IMI Norgren dome loaded pressure regulators

IMI Norgren dome loaded pressure regulators of the C31 series have proven many times in practice, are extremely durable and low maintenance.

"Install and forget": Durable and robust C31 dome loaded pressure regulators from IMI Precision Engineering – a leading supplier in the field of drive and fluid technology – have proven reliable in practice over decades and are particularly low maintenance. The IMI Norgren pressure regulators are universal in use and suitable for many industrial applications where pressure control is required. For example, they are used in the supply of technical gases in high pressure applications. The follow-up process is controlled ideally at any time, even in case of differing flow rates or fluctuating inlet pressure. Special extra options keep the outlet pressure stable, even during temperature changes.

Dome loaded pressure regulators of the C31 series use an internal pilot pressure which can be fed in individually. This pilot pressure can either be taken from the pre-pressure line via two integrated needle valves, or be fed externally into the dome. A diaphragm, that separates the dome volume from the outlet area of the regulator, causes a pressure balance. As the inlet pressure exerts almost no force on the valve cone due to the compensation, the outlet pressure is mostly independent of potential pressure fluctuations at the inlet. The downstream application consequently operates under optimum working conditions. External control of the dome pressure is possible by means of manual spring loaded pressure reducers, a so-called self-control system. This results in improved temperature compensation in response to changing environmental conditions. Furthermore, the outlet pressure can be changed quickly. Proportional solenoid valves are also suitable for external control. These allow a control loop to be realised, via which remote control of the dome pressure regulator or operation via a control room is possible.


C31 dome loaded pressure regulators are available in DN 25 nominal size with G1 inch BSP connection in brass, and can be used for all gases and fluids suitable for this work material. NBR, FPM and EPDM are standard sealing materials, inlet pressures up to 100 bar are possible. To achieve optimum control accuracy of the outlet pressure, there are both low and high pressure versions available for the ranges 0.1 to 5 bar and 0.5 to 70 bar. The range of media and ambient temperatures spans -30 to +130 degrees Celsius. Screw-in flanges in the pressure stages PN 40, 63 and 100 extend the field of application of the C31 series.


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