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New explosion-proof solenoid generation from IMI Buschjost

IMI Precision Engineering has completely revised and optimised its IMI Buschjost ex-proof solenoids, resulting in numerous advantages and fundamental improvements for the users. The new generation of solenoids is going to replace the old one little by little. The picture shows an example of an old model belonging to the 9191 series, which is going to be replaced by a 6120 type in the future.

Wherever even a small spark or a hot surface is enough to trigger a devastating explosion, an extensive protection against explosions for machinery and equipment is absolutely necessary. IMI Precision Engineering, a leading supplier in the field of drive and fluid technology, has developed special IMI Buschjost ex-proof solenoids for such environments. These were recently modified according to the current versions of ATEX and IECEx guidelines – giving rise to a new generation of solenoids which will be available from April 2018 as new series 61xx and 62xx, and which will completely replace their old counterparts. Visitors to this year's Hannover Messe will find the new product range in Hall 23, Stand A40.

Unlike the earlier models of the older generation, which were only suitable for gases, mists and vapours belonging to explosion group IIB, the new solenoids were classified according to IIC standards. Their use is therefore unrestricted. The protection class was successfully raised from IP65 to IP66 and the solenoids are now characterised by an improved splash-water protection.

Following the redesign, there have also been changes in the operational temperature range: Whereas the older solenoid generation covered temperatures between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius, the new models are suitable for -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the new power stages in every series offer higher flexibility and allow operation even at smaller nominal ratings – very much in line with the motto: “As much as necessary but as little as possible”. This saves power and lowers operating costs.

The easy-to-install explosion-proof solenoids from IMI Buschjost also stand out due to their easy handling: The cover is fastened with the help of a single central screw. This has accordingly replaced the old way of fastening which required four screws. Moreover, the cover can be rotated through 180 degrees, thus making the cable connection side adaptable. This is of great advantage in all areas where there is very little space available. In addition, a new terminal box design ensures that there is a standard connection which is uniform for all new generation solenoids. Easily accessible spring clamp terminals replace the encased mantle terminals of the previous versions and make it easy to attach the connecting cables.

Selected types of the new generation are equipped with the proven Twist-on® or Click-on® fastening technologies. Both systems allow a tool-free assembly of the solenoid. Twist-on® solenoids can be fastened with a simple push-and-rotate movement and they can be inserted in three different positions by turning the solenoid through 120 degrees. The Click-on® system holds the solenoid with a clip made from stainless steel securely in place, irrespective to the mounting position.

Clients who are currently using the old generation models can continue using them without any hesitation. Machinery and equipment can quickly and easily be converted to the new explosion-proof solenoids, if and when necessary.

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