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Bringing Joy to Children - Buschjost and its employees give to charity at Christmas

Numerous employees were involved in the campaign and took care of one or even several wish lists.

Petra Imort (right) and Jonas Feldmann accepted the gifts from Vanessa Bornemann (2nd from left) and Nicole Schröder.

The annual Christmas donation to charity has become a fixed element of Buschjost GmbH’s social engagement. This year the company once again decided not to send Christmas gifts to its customers and business partners, but to donate to a good cause instead. For the fourth time already, the company supported the “Wünsch dir was” (Make a wish) campaign of the Herford charity Karlsson e.V.

The purpose of this campaign is to fulfil the Christmas wishes of children and adolescents from disadvantaged families in the region. The children actually do not just ask for toys or leisure activities; increasingly, modest items feature on the wish lists: school supplies, clothing, bed linen or new shoes.

Thanks to Buschjost, the wish lists of 132 children and adolescents aged between 0 and 23 years or even whole families are being fulfilled this year. The parcel contents were worth at least 20 euros per child, correspondingly more for families. But Buschjost was not only involved as a company; many employees also participated in the campaign personally and took care of one or even several of the wish lists.

“As a regional company, we are happy to help fulfil the wishes of many local children who may otherwise not receive any gifts,” said Buschjost’s Managing Director Oliver Wehking. “We are proud that so many employees joined in again this year and that together we can make a contribution to charitable projects in the region.”

In mid-December, Vanessa Bornemann and Nicole Schröder from Buschjost Marketing handed the large number of prettily wrapped parcels to Petra Imort and Jonas Feldmann from Karlsson e.V. They and their team will distribute the parcels over the next few days so that all the gifts can lie under the tree in time for Christmas.