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375 years of loyalty - Buschjost honours long-term employees

375 years on the job for Buschjost: rear (left to right): Edda Kirstein, Guido Weßeler, Hans-Jürgen Piontek, Mike Westemeier, Michael Balducci, Thorsten Heemann, Andrej Koch, Elica Vidovic, Erkan Berber, Karsten Lichtenberg, Dirk Tiemeier, Eugen Wiens, Marcel Sperlich, Uwe Herkt, Markus Mues, Marcel Hemeier, Wilhelm Epp, Marco Strohmeier, Marc Kuhlmann.

Buschjost employees stay loyal to their employer for long periods of time, as evidenced by the large number of them now being recognised for decades of faithful service. According to a longstanding tradition, the management of Buschjost GmbH (a company of IMI Precision Engineering) organised a jubilee celebration this year at the Bonneberger Hof Inn in Vlotho. In the ceremony, the company honoured 21 jubilarians for a total of 240 years of work and said goodbye to six employees as they passed into well-earned retirement after a total of 135 years with Buschjost.

Commercial manager Guido Weßeler congratulated each of them personally and managed to raise a few laughs by recalling events from politics and sport from the years 2007 and 1992 when they joined the company. “We are proud that you have stood by us so loyally and have stuck with us through the highs and lows”, said Guido Weßeler, expressing his debt of gratitude to the jubilarians. “You have been part of our team for years and have made a major contribution to the development of Buschjost with your dedication. It is not least our customers who benefit from this dedication; it is the basis for our successful work, for innovative products and performance at the highest level.”

The total of 375 years of working life with Buschjost GmbH provided more than enough material for conversation during the evening. Together with their managers, the jubilarians, who in some cases also completed their training in the company, talked about bygone years and recounted anecdotes from the old days.

This year, Michael Balducci, Alexander Bastron, Erkan Berber, Michael Busse, Wilhelm Epp, Norbert Freitag, Thorsten Heemann, Marcel Hemeier, Uwe Herkt, Sebastian Holtmann, Andrej Koch, Marc Kuhlmann, Karsten Lichtenberg, Markus Mues, Marcel Sperlich, Marco Strohmeier, Mike Westemeier, Eugen Wiens and Dirk Wolbring celebrated ten years with the company. Axel Klausing and Dirk Tiemeier have now been with Buschjost for 25 years.

The company said goodbye to retirees Norbert Büsching, Edda Kirstein, Friedrich Oestreich, Hans-Jürgen Piontek, Elica Vidovic and Manfred Wehmeyer.

The management, the Works Council and the employees of Buschjost GmbH congratulate all the jubilarians and retirees for a total of 375 years of employment and thank them for their excellent cooperation in the past decades.