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Filter technology: All-in-one system for temperatures down to -55 °C

As with the system’s other components, the IMI Maxseal ICO3S pilot valve and the IMI Buschjost 83300 series dust collector valve are made of high-quality stainless steel and can withstand temperatures well below the freezing point.

In order to prevent contaminated air from entering the atmosphere unfiltered and therefore polluting the environment, filter units must function reliably, even in the coldest regions of the world. Bitter cold and arctic temperatures place particularly high demands on the units; the quality of their individual components is therefore crucial for their functionality. IMI Precision Engineering, a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, has developed an All-in-one system for such environments. It is as resilient as it is robust and can even withstand extremely low temperatures without any problems.

Users receive all of the new system’s components from a single source. It consists of IMI Buschjost and IMI Maxseal valve controllers, filter regulators, pilot and dust collector valves. These are designed for use well below the freezing point and defy arctic temperatures down to -55 °C. Each component is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure optimum corrosion resistance – even in frosty environments. In addition, ATEX and TR CU 012 approvals (EAC Ex) certify the suitability of the products for use in potentially explosive areas.

To provide the best possible protection against extreme cold, the IMI Buschjost valve controllers from the 83490 series are equipped with heating elements and temperature monitors. Before initial operation, the intelligent devices first increase their internal temperature to ensure that sensitive parts such as electronic control units are not damaged by the extremely low temperatures. Once this heating phase is completed, valves and regulators are activated.

The IMI Maxseal ICO3S pilot valves are particularly energy efficient, while the IMI Buschjost dust collector valves from the 83300 series stand out thanks to their quick opening and closing times. This is achieved through the use of high-quality TPE diaphragms that operate without compression springs and are particularly durable and robust. In addition, the dust collector valves can withstand pressures up to 10 bar, thereby achieving optimum cleaning results.

Both pilot and dust collector valves are equipped with a self-sealing NPT thread. This eliminates the use of adhesives that can tighten in extreme cold and thus become porous. IMI Maxseal’s IFR3 and IFR4 filter regulators also ensure precise process control and round out the overall system.

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