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The start of a new career - Buschjost GmbH welcomes nine new employees

Our trainees and their instructors have just had an exciting first day: (back row, l. to r.) Vitali Wolf, Johann Dück, Paul Schigat, instructor Veronika Bennert, (middle row, l. to r.) Louis Mund, instructor Silke Holdgrewe, Mathias Pries, instructor Kerstin Schiermeyer, instructor Thomas Handt, (from row, l. to r.) Nina Vogel, Gina Horstmann and Marlon-Joey Haeder. (Missing from this photo: Eric Junker.)

Young blood for Buschjost GmbH: The valve manufacturer is pleased to announce that nine young people are starting their careers here: two cutting machine operators, one industrial technician, one toolmaker, one technical product designer, two industrial clerks, one warehouse logistics specialist and one dual studies student majoring in industrial engineering and business. At present, Buschjost GmbH is training a total of 23 apprentices and three dual studies students.

The Buschjost newcomers are between the ages of 18 and 35 and have come from the immediate area (including Kalletal, Enger, Vlotho or Bad Oeynhausen) to do their training at Buschjost. “They can expect to gain an interesting perspective working for an international company,” states Bettina Rahlmeier from Human Resources. The employees on site are looking forward to the enthusiastic support these trainees will provide. “Many of them also started their careers with an apprenticeship at Buschjost.”

A few weeks before the official start of training, the future apprentices were invited to visit Buschjost with their parents, to see the company and get to know their future colleagues. “It’s important to us that our future trainees get to know each other. After all, they’ll be working together as a team, and they’ll be learning a lot together. We also like giving parents a chance to see where their children will be laying the foundation for their career,” explained Bettina Rahlmeier.

On their first day at work, the new recruits attended a comprehensive introductory event. First, they were greeted by Bettina Rahlmeier and plant manager Thomas König to learn a bit about the company, their new environment and their rights and obligations. Organisational issues were discussed and they received detailed instruction in work safety – a very important topic at Buschjost. In addition to receiving general training-related information, they also got to know the company a bit better by taking part in a short quiz. They kicked off the second day with a breakfast attended by all “old” and “new” trainees. After that, off they went to their respective departments.

The traditional “get to know the trainees tour” is planned for August, rounding off the start of their professional careers. All trainees from past years will take part, with the intention of getting to know each other during the tour. As dictated by tradition, the tour’s goal and course will be kept secret until the very end.

Training up-and-coming employees plays a key role at Buschjost. Young professionals get to know the entire operation and become involved in the processes early on. “The trainees of today become the specialists of tomorrow, which is why we enjoy being able to pass on our know-how to young, motivated people. Their ideas and motivation breathe fresh wind into our sails, something that every organisation can benefit from,” states Thomas König.