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Staff members sign up - Buschjost GmbH participates in donor campaign for Sonja and Patrick

Buschjost employees are glad to help - the photo shows just some of our hardworking donors.

“Open your mouth, swab in, become a donor!” This is the motto of DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Database). And not only there: it was also the motto at Buschjost GmbH last week. The Bad Oeynhausen-based company participated in the rescue campaign for 41-year-old Sonja from Vlotho and 10-year-old Patrick from Lemgo with in-house tissue typing.

25 staff members registered with DKMS. To do so, cheek mucous membrane swab samples were taken at the company; these will be typified in the laboratory in the coming weeks. These data will be stored in anonymous form at the German National Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Ulm (ZKRD) and will be available for patient requests all over the world. If the tissue characteristics of the potential donor in fact match that of a patient, further tests are done.

Buschjost covers the costs: €40 per registration and tissue typing. “Social commitment is a matter of course for our company and staff”, says Oliver Wehking, Buschjost GmbH Managing Director, about the campaign. “Together as a company, we are supporting the battle against leukaemia, because it can affect all of us or someone in our immediate surroundings. When we found out what was happening to Sonja and Patrick, we were all very upset, so we all agreed to help.” This has been the second in-house DKMS registration at Buschjost since 2014.