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The new IMI Buschjost lock-off valves meet ECE-R110 requirements

ECE-R110 requirements met: The new IMI Buschjost lock-off valves of the 85410 and 85430 series possess high resistance to all media, are resistant to vibrations and can also be used in extremely low temperature ranges down to -40 °C.

Reputable international commercial vehicle manufacturers have relied on co-operation with IMI Precision Engineering for more than 40 years. The group of companies offers a wide range of different solutions for the commercial vehicle sector, which was extended recently by new IMI Buschjost piston lock-off valves. Especially for buses and trucks driven by natural gas, the new valves of the 85410 and 85430 series control the gas supply from the tank to the engine. They meet the demanding ECE-R110 regulations and will be available from autumn 2016 onwards.

The new IMI Buschjost lock-off valves are based on existing technology: their baseline is the 85360 series of 2/2-way piston seat valves, which are customized for use in industrial systems, and have been developed further to meet the requirements of the commercial vehicle sector. This is why the new valves are optimally suited for use in natural-gas-powered drive systems in motor vehicles. Extensive trials and load tests have revealed that the 85410 and 85430 series comply with all the requirements of ECE regulation 110; a type approval, issued by the German “Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt” (Federal Motor Transport Authority), demonstrates this result.

“Our new lock-off valves have passed all the tests tied to the ECE regulation”, explains Niklas Coors, Area Sales Manager Americas at IMI Precision Engineering. “The ECE-R110 approval certifies the suitability of the valves in natural gas applications, accordingly users can integrate the certified valves in their overall systems without any problems.”

Robust and durable materials ensure a high media resistance, which is particularly important for use in commercial vehicles. Moreover, the valves are convincing with their high tightness even at extremely low temperatures. This is due to special high performance seals, which ensure that the valves work reliably over a temperature range between -40°C and +120°C. Not least, the 85410 and 85430 lock-off valve series are particularly resistant to vibrations. They can therefore be installed without any problems on the vehicle chassis, inside the engine compartment or directly on the engine, without mechanical damage or malfunction.

Furthermore, the new IMI Buschjost valves are fitted with a robust solenoid, that complies with the requirements of ECE-R110 and the EMC regulations of ECE-R10. It possesses protection class IP69K and has a long working life, is dust proof and resistant to the impacts of water and dirt. In the commercial vehicle sector, the solenoid has already proven itself over millions of kilometres.

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