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Young talent at Buschjost GmbH: Into the new training year

in the front: Lukas Pohl, Fabian Tegtmeier, Pascal Hildebrand; at the back: Silke Holtkamp, Thomas Handt, Veronika Bennert, Jessica Sielemann, Cem-Ahmet Köse, Louisa Blum, Daniel Penner, Marcel Wiechert, Dennis Güse.

Training start - on August 1st, nine young people commenced their training at Buschjost GmbH. Two cutting machine operators, two industrial mechanics, one tool mechanic, one technical product designer, two industrial clerks and one employee receiving introductory training to be a warehouse clerk are now strengthening the workforce of the Bad Oeynhausen company.

With this addition, Buschjost currently employs 25 trainees and three dual students. "Our staff concept includes promoting young talent from our own ranks and integrating them into the company," says Kirstin Schroller, Head of HR.

On their first day, the new Buschjost employees were welcomed by Thomas König, the Head of Production, and the training staff. In just the first few hours, they heard a wide range of new information about the company. Organisational issues were discussed and a detailed instruction session was carried out in order to raise awareness for occupational safety – an important issue at Buschjost. In addition to general information regarding the training, the programme on the first two days also included exploring the company by means a small building treasure hunt. There were then visits to the respective departments.

At the end of the first week, the well-established "trainee getting-to-know-you trip", in order to complete the trainees' entrance into professional life. All classes of trainees were along for the ride. "With activities and time spent together, they were able to get to know each other and match their expectations and our requirements with each other," says Kirstin Schroller. In keeping with tradition, the destination and the end of the journey were kept secret until the end.

The young professionals are now going through an intensive introduction phase at Buschjost before moving on to the respective departments in accordance with training plan. There, they will be integrated into on-going projects and actively participate in daily events. However, during their training, they will not only become familiar with everything about their workplaces and valve technology, but will also be able to explore other areas. During monthly training sessions, the trainees will independently present various areas and thus learn some information regarding the corporate group, product development and quality, along with the finance department or purchasing, for example. In order to provide them with a good foundation for their future career, during their training and study period, the young persons will be supported as well as challenged.