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Staff’s voluntary commitment: Commitment forms part of the corporate culture at Buschjost

Buschjost helpers had a lot of fun (from left): Markus Tissen, Pia Firus, Steffen Dreier, Ute Rossmann, Benjamin Kolbe, Raoul Schwarze, Nico Gieseking, Patrick Podsigun, Kerstin Schiermeyer, Fred Engelking, Silke Holtkamp, Phil Cherkusza.

Helping people is part of the corporate philosophy at Buschjost GmbH. That does not just refer to products that create amenities for people in many areas, but also social commitment, to which the company and its staff devote themselves in many ways. For example, the annual schools sports festival at the pastoral foundation Wittekindshof was supported again this year a short time ago.

The twelve Buschjost staff had a lot to do on the day and helped out at the stations, such as long jump, sprinting or as the goal wall. They also helped to man the food and drink stall. There was then a big football tournament in the afternoon to close, in which pupils, teachers and assistants competed against one another. “Everyone clearly had a great deal of fun again, and we always look forward to being there”, in the words of apprentice Silke Holtkamp who coordinated the activities.

The sports festival was supported again this year as part of internal professional development, the “IMI WAY Day”. The IMI Way is a code of conduct for all IMI Group staff, which was set up in 2009 and embodies the values of fair, sustainable business dealings.

All subsidiaries of the British company IMI plc celebrate “IMI Way Day” once each year worldwide, including Buschjost GmbH. The applicable rules and values are remembered on this day and they are deepened and illustrated in small case studies. Voluntary social activities are also on the agenda on every aspect of the “IMI Way Day”.

“Future-based thinking and action for us also means accepting social responsibility. That is an integral part of our corporate culture and reflects our basic values,” says Buschjost’s Managing Director Oliver Wehking. “We are happy to help, where we can and offer support in the local area. That is something to which we are very committed and we look forward to supporting Wittekindshof’s schools sports festival for the sixth time.