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Training successfully completed: Buschjost GmbH relies on qualified trainees

Trainer Kirstin Schroller, Adis Kulovic, trainer Silke Holtkamp, Alban Ajeti, Managing Director Oliver Wehking, Manuel Harms, trainer Veronika Bennert, and Marc Ebert are delighted by the trainees’ exam success. (from left to right)

Five young employees of Buschjost GmbH are now embarking on a new phase of their lives: they have successfully completed their training. Managing Director Oliver Wehking recently presented certificates to the young skilled workers at a small ceremony, in which he congratulated them and encouraged them to continue their education in the future.

The “new” trainees and the new skilled workers are already employed in their departments. Alban Ajeti (Industrial Clerk), Marc Ebert (Industrial Mechanic), Manuel Harms (Machinist specialised in Milling), Adis Kulovic (Warehouse Specialist) and Yannick Schlüter (Machinist specialised in Turning Technology) cannot believe how quickly the time has flown. They have passed their final examinations with excellent results.

Together, the young skilled workers looked back on the past years and enjoyed reminiscing about the many highlights along the way, such as the group trainee trips at the start of each training year. These trips gave them ample opportunity to familiarise themselves not only with each other, but also with the processes, the tasks to be performed and the challenges involved. “A great experience that builds team spirit” – this was the unanimous verdict.

Regarding the general topic of training at Buschjost, the young skilled workers also gave a lot of positive feedback. “There’s so much you already do here during training. Our colleagues at vocational school have very different experiences,” explained Alban Ajeti. Adis Kulovic added: “Other trainees often find themselves only doing monotonous work. When you hear something like that, it really opens your eyes.” Even if there have occasionally been tasks that have not been the most fun, of course, the direct comparison with their counterparts at vocational school is positive. “There are already huge differences in the quality of education,” remarked Adis Kulovic.

“The qualified training of young people in the region is very important for us,” emphasised Managing Director Oliver Wehking. “We place great importance on using our own training to ensure that we have a professional workforce at our company.” This has been very effective so far, as shown by the fact that 25% of the current workforce has completed an apprenticeship at Buschjost.
The education and training of employees has already been a high priority for many years at Buschjost GmbH. Those interested can choose from seven different vocations or the possibility of dual study. Buschjost also offers the possibility to carry out thesis work in collaboration with the company as well as internships in various departments.