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IMI Buschjost's brand new differential pressure controller

Reliable avoidance of inaccurate measurements: The 834992 differential pressure controller with integrated measuring hose cleaning feature.

IMI Precision Engineering, a leading manufacturer in drive and fluid technology, has recently added two new differential pressure controllers, 834991 and 834992, to its range of IMI Buschjost products. Suitable for use over a wide variety of filter and dust collector applications, these new controllers reliably indicate the level of contamination in the individual filter elements and give a signal for dedusting as soon as the upper threshold has been exceeded. The 834992 is additionally equipped with an integrated measuring hose cleaning feature, which cleans out the hose pipes and avoids inaccurate measurements by this means.

The new 834991 controller is suitable for use in differential pressure ranges up to 35, 90 and 450 mbar and can be controlled by PC via USB/TTL adapter or by a membrane keypad. Operators set an upper and a lower threshold in order to determine the dedusting area. The values measured are displayed on a seven-segment display as well as on a range of LEDs. Thanks to a wide-range power supply of 90 to 260 V AC as well as 24 V DC, the controller is flexible in use. Furthermore, the new 834991 is equipped with a dust-proof Makrolon casing, protection class IP65.

The same applies to the new differential pressure controller 834992, which also has an integrated measuring hose cleaning feature. The controller is therefore particularly suited for use in surroundings where there is no consistent thermal environment: Due to temperature fluctuations, condensation water occurs in the hose pipes. This leads to imprecise values or even inaccurate measurements. The 834992, an 'all in one' solution, can solve this problem. By combining two devices in one, it is no longer necessary to install a separate measuring hose cleaning unit or to adjust the calibration between cleaning unit and controller. The 834992 automatically cleans the measuring lines through targeted pressure surges, with the operator himself setting the intervals for blowing and recovery times.