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Modified TPE-diaphragm from IMI Buschjost stands up to aggressive media

IMI Buschjost is one of IMI Precision Engineering’s leading product brands and has provided the market for more than 30 years with innovative solutions for filter technology. Extremely quick valve opening and closing times are achieved through the application of the high quality TPE-diaphragms that reduce compressed air consumption as well as operating costs. The diaphragms work without pressure springs, are reliable, robust and durable. A modified version of the TPE-diaphragm with integrated purge air bore withstands aggressive surroundings and has proven itself in numerous extensive test runs and field tests.

Gases and acids in the raw gas flow can cause heavy wear and tear on the valve outlet, which leads to high maintenance as well as repair and replacement costs. To counteract this, IMI Precision Engineering offers filter valves with a modified TPE-diaphragm. A small amount of compressed air leaks through the purge air bore in the center of the diaphragm. This results in an air vortex which functions as a barrier, keeping aggressive media as well as extreme temperatures away from the valve seat. The consequence: run times and service intervals increase significantly, operating costs decrease.

The modified TPE-diaphragm with integrated purge air bore is patented. Users who have resorted to standard filter valves so far are able to easily convert these themselves.