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Honouring 28 long-serving employees of Buschjost GmbH

This year, Buschjost GmbH honours 28 employees celebrating either their company anniversaries or their retirement: (front row, from the left) Veronika Bennert, Wolfgang Kracht, Heidi Hanke, Sandra Wehrhahn, Gerd Feldmann, Katrin Henning, Nicole Pott, Bernd Schröder, Julian Manthey, Alexander Jakobi, Eric Mann, (back row, from the left) Managing Director Oliver Wehking, Thomas Benndorf, Michael von Lipinski, chairman of the works council Dirk Detering, Marcel Jännert, Karl-Heinz Kamp, Klaus Niemeier, Frank Wilmsmann, Hartmut Fenker and Guido Rosenhäger. Uwe Kohlwig, Mirca Samanc, Johann Schlömer, Patrick Siebenschuh, Nikolaus Lange, Kurt Niederbröker, Monika Brinkmann, Ursula Böker and Hans-Jürgen Rausch are missing on the picture.

Bad Oeynhausen. Honouring the long careers of employees has long since become a popular tradition at Buschjost GmbH. Loyalty is something to be rewarded and it is for this reason that this year, once again, company management invited employees to an anniversary celebration at the Bonneberger Hof guesthouse in the town of Vlotho. The event was attended by eight retirees and 20 others celebrating their company anniversaries, accompanied by their guests as well as heads of departments and superiors from the company.

Oliver Wehking, Managing Director of Buschjost GmbH, insisted on personally greeting the attendees and thanking each and every one of them himself: “To work for the same company for years or, indeed, decades is by no means a given these days. We are therefore especially proud to have so many loyal colleagues who, with their dynamic input and commitment, have kept our company on the road to success.” The chairman of the works council, Dirk Detering, also congratulated the attendees, either on their company anniversary or on their well-earned retirement. Afterwards, the guests came together for a joint dinner.

This year, Alexander Jakobi, Marcel Jännert, Eric Mann, Julian Manthey, Nicole Pott, Guido Rosenhäger, Johann Schlömer, Patrick Siebenschuh, Sandra Wehrhahn, Frank Wilmsmann and Katrin Henning celebrated their ten-year company anniversary. Thomas Benndorf, Veronika Bennert, Monika Brinkmann, Hartmut Fenker, Heidi Hanke, Uwe Kohlwig, Mirca Samanc, Bernd Schröder and Michael von Lipinski have been part of the Buschjost family for a remarkable 25 years and celebrated their silver anniversary.

Furthermore, those colleagues who have entered or will enter their well-earned retirement this year were honoured at the anniversary celebration. These are Ursula Böker, Gerd Feldmann, Karl-Heinz Kamp, Wolfgang Kracht, Nikolaus Lange, Kurt Niederbröker, Klaus Niemeier and Hans-Jürgen Rausch.