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First steps on the career path

HR officer Kathrin Kröger and instructors Andreas Kehde, Thomas Handt (far left, in red), Silke Holtkamp and Veronika Bennert (far right, in red) welcoming nine new trainees on 3 August 2015: (back row from left) Juri Vorobev, Raoul Schwarze, Nico Gieseking, Stefan Hartmann and Benjamin Kolbe, (front row from left) Steffen Dreier, Louisa Höwener, Lisa-Marie Niermann and Markus Tissen.

Bad Oeynhausen. Nine young people from Bad Oeynhausen and the surrounding area began a new chapter of their life on 3 August 2015: they started their vocational training at Buschjost GmbH. Two cutting machine operators, two tool mechanics, a process mechanic and an industrial mechanic along with a warehouse logistics specialist, an industrial clerk and a dual programme student in the field of international business have joined the workforce of the company. As a result, Buschjost now employs 25 trainees and four dual programme students.

Daniela Scheidsteger, Head of Human Resources at Buschjost GmbH, welcomed the new colleagues on their first day of work and encouraged them to always be open to new ideas in their upcoming training period: “This training represents the first step on your career path. Try to always be curious and open-minded because this will help you master all the challenges that you will face in the years to come. The first barrier is already passed: out of the 374 young people who applied for a training position with us, you are the nine candidates who have been selected. You can be very proud of that.”

After being welcomed, the new trainees met with their instructors to have breakfast together. This was an opportunity to have first questions answered and make new contacts. Once the young colleagues had been briefed on the key aspects of the company and their training, they were then given information on work safety training. Workplace safety is taken very seriously at Buschjost GmbH, therefore it was very important to address this issue on their first day at work. Once the new trainees had finished the company information rally, in which they were free to explore their training area on their own, it was time to take a first look at the individual departments.

For the next few days, joint activities are on the programme to give trainees the opportunity to get better acquainted with the company and their colleagues. These include, for example, having breakfast with the “old” trainees and meeting with management. Everyone is particularly looking forward to the trainee outing that will be held in mid-August. The two-day event is intended to help bind the group together and strengthen their team spirit. The destination and activity of the outing will be kept secret by the organisers until shortly before the start.

The training and promotion of young people are given a particularly high priority at Buschjost GmbH. Interested candidates can choose from seven different training professions. They also have the opportunity to study as part of the dual programme. Furthermore, theses in collaboration with the company as well as internships in various fields are available.