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Social engagement is a matter of course

The school sports day concluded with a football tournament in the afternoon. (Back row, from the left): Hadi Ben Ferjani, Janko Wolfmeier, Niklas Dröge, Florian Fassnacht, Dennis Klipker, (front row, from the left) Anna-Lena Groß, Patrick Ludwig, Ute Rossmann and (right at the front) Yannick Schlüter competed for Buschjost GmbH.

Bad Oeynhausen. Social engagement is a matter of course for the staff at Buschjost GmbH. Recently, 15 employees demonstrated this when they helped out at the annual school sports day at the ‘Diakonische Stiftung Wittekindshof’. Buschjost GmbH has already supported the school sports days in the last five years, so the activities at the Wittekindshof have long since become a popular tradition.

The majority of the 180 pupils at the Wittekindshof demonstrated their sporting skills in several disciplines. Some of them had decided to take part in the classic ‘Bundesjugendspiele’, an annual sports event for children and youths at German schools, and competed in the 100 metre race, the long throw and the long jump. Others participated in the ‘Alternative Quadrathlon’, which involved throwing balls into a barrel, as well as completing an obstacle course, a zoned long throw and a standing long jump. Furthermore, various types of circuit running on the sports field were offered – on foot and in wheelchairs. So, all these activities meant that the voluntary helpers from Buschjost GmbH were very busy. First of all, they helped out at the individual stations, for example they timed races and measured the distances that were jumped. Moreover they assisted at the games and goal wall stations and at the food and drinks counters.

To conclude the sports day, pupils, teachers and helpers gathered for a football tournament. The Wittekindshof school was represented by a team of pupils as well as a team of teachers. Two other teams were put up by the Buschkamp school in Lübbecke and by Buschjost GmbH. After three exciting and fair matches, the Buschjost team was ultimately the lucky winner.

Kathrin Kröger, HR Manager at Buschjost, was responsible for recruiting the voluntary helpers: "Many colleagues offered to help at the sports day, indeed, there was a huge willingness to help. As in previous years, the number of volunteers was higher than the number of helpers who were actually needed. We are very proud of that. Again, helping out at the sports day was part of an in-house training – our 'IMI Way Day'."

Once a year, all the worldwide subsidiaries of the British company IMI plc – including Buschjost GmbH – take part in the ‘IMI Way Day’. The ‘IMI Way’ is the name of the company’s internal code of conduct, which defines the generally applicable ethical rules for all the operating divisions. The code is an important part of the corporate culture and governs daily business at the group member companies. During the ‘IMI Way Day’, the employees at each subsidiary gather together to internalise these rules and values. On this day, voluntary social activities also form part of the programme.
"A business distinguishes itself not just through its high-quality products or the provision of excellent service”, explains Oliver Wehking, Managing Director at Buschjost GmbH. “The conduct of each individual determines how a company is perceived by the public. By acting in accordance with the 'IMI Way’ we always try to behave in a manner that is responsible as well as ethically correct. This applies both to the business aspect as well as to the social aspect." Thus, fair competition and compliance with laws and rules are always the focus of our business activities. However, it is just as important that there is respectful interaction between members of staff and social engagement in the corporate environment. "That is why we are always pleased to support the school sports day at the Wittekindshof", says Wehking.