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Buschjost donates at Christmas: Children’s wishes fulfilled

Petra Imort and Jutta La Mura were delighted to accept the 125 parcels presented by Vanessa Reimann and Lutz Missbach (from left to right).

It has practically become a tradition for Buschjost GmbH to do without sending expensive Christmas presents to customers and business partners. For the fifth year running, the company has instead used the money for a charitable cause. This Christmas, Buschjost therefore decided to lend its support to the make-a-wish campaign “Wünsch dir was”, which is run by the registered association Karlsson e.V. based in Herford, Germany.

This cause fulfils the Christmas wishes of children from low-income families in the region. It is often the case that these children only ever wish for the most essential items of clothing. Many of these children do not own a single pair of sturdy shoes or a warm winter jacket.

At Buschjost, it was not only the company but also its staff who contributed to this make-a-wish campaign. This meant that a total of 125 wish lists from children aged between 1 and 19 years were able to be fulfilled. Each parcel was valued between €10 and €25. Overall, Buschjost donated €1,500 for 85 wishes and its staff fulfilled the wishes of a further 40 wish lists whilst also making a cash donation of €100. As a result, the company offices looked like a huge warehouse for a while! Lego, make-up, clothes and shoes, loom bands, books, remote-controlled cars, CDs, bed linen, curtains, slippers, riding boots and Barbie dolls were among the many parcels that were purchased and wrapped up for Christmas.

“We consider it our duty to take on social responsibility and we are delighted to be able to support this fantastic cause on location,” explained Buschjost Human Resources Manager Lutz Missbach. He and Vanessa Reimann from Marketing handed over the countless parcels to Jutta La Mura from the association Karlsson e.V.

The donation campaign was similarly met with a positive response among the company’s customers and business friends. “We made reference to it in our Christmas greetings and have always received a lot of positive feedback in recent years,” noted Managing Director Oliver Wehking.