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The latest addition to our product range: Heavy-duty filter valve for pressures of up to 12 bar

For the development of its latest filter valves, Buschjost wanted to come up with a product that allows for greater cleaning effectiveness, using air blasts of higher pressure. With these new valves, Buschjost has once again extended its product range in this field, being the first supplier to offer these advanced solutions. Apart from its reliable 2/2-way valves designed for a maximum operating pressure of 8 bar, Buschjost now offers these valve types for operating pressures of up to 12 bar.

These new products have a number of commercial advantages for plant operators: On the one hand, filters are cleaned more effectively. On the other, longer and larger filter hoses can be used in the filter systems.

At the heart of the new sturdy filter valve is a high-performance membrane made from a special TPE compound that has been tried and tested in many different applications. The TPE membrane is resistant even to the most aggressive chemicals. Thanks to a number of modifications in its design, it can withstand pressures of up to 12 bar.

The new filter valves are already in use in a number of systems and are now available in stock.

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