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Buschjost filter programme: Now also for sophisticated large-filter systems

At Buschjost, users can buy valves and control systems from one source. At the Powtech, the company is now presenting a decisive system enhancement. Whereas up to now one to 64 valves were activated with the existing system, now up to 576 valves are possible!

The trick: No new control systems are required for this, only a master valve control unit that can be combined with existing control units. On the master device itself, up to 48 slave control units each with up to twelve valves can be activated with differential pressure or with a time delay via the system-internal CAN bus. The control units of single-valve solutions up to waste combustion systems with multi-chamber large filters can thus be used and can be extended as necessary in the event of increases in capacity or changed boundary conditions.

The master valve control unit is envisaged for installation in the control cabinet and has a user-friendly user guidance via touchscreen. Time-consuming and costly operator training courses are no longer necessary and the user quickly obtains actual figures and measurement values, alerts as well as device information. Other operating elements or indicator lamps can be connected directly to the master valve control where necessary.

The device can be operated at an ambient temperature of -10 to 50 °C and a maximum relative air humidity of 75%. The front side is protected according to IP65, the rear side according to IP20. The connections for the voltage supply, the CAN bus, the operating elements and the pressure measurement are done via screw-in terminals.

With the new master control system and the proven valves, the customer is offered a package that enables a flexible response to changed capacities or requirements. And also in an easy and user-friendly manner in the well-known Buschjost style.

Download picture control unit