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IMI Way Day at Buschjost: Group-wide initiatives

Udo Guderjahn, Thorsten Heemann, Marco Schumacher and Andreas Cebulla (from left) spruced up the play equipment at the "Pusteblume" kindergarten.

Alexander Fertig, Eric Mann, Mirko Huettl and Markus Bucklewski (from left) were active at the “Kirchmäuse” kindergarten.

Teamwork is part of the training (from left): Felicitas Brenker, Ralf Dauter, Jochen Niederkleine and Thomas Wierach.

Not that easy (from left): Gerd Feldmann, Boris Thiele, Petra Backs.

For the 340 employees at Buschjost GmbH, in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany), every working day revolves around the world of valves. But that was not the case last Monday. In stark contrast to the usual activities, there was painting, smoothing, gardens were spruced up and a lot more besides.

On 23.06.14, all business operations were suspended at Buschjost. The reason for this was the company's in-house training "IMI Way Day", which IMI plc - Buschjost’s parent company - organised on this day at all IMI subsidiaries worldwide.

The IMI group of companies, headquartered in England, has subsidiaries and service companies in more than 75 countries. The IMI Way is a code of conduct for all employees in the IMI group. It sets out the values for fair and sustainable business operations. "The IMI group of companies aims to become the most highly regarded and innovative business of its size in the field of technology solutions. Yet, we are convinced that a high reputation is not derived solely from high-quality products and services that are supplied by committed employees to world-class customers, but also from how we conduct business - and we do that the IMI way," explains Oliver Wehking, Managing Director at Buschjost.

Last Monday, IMI organised a worldwide ethics day, the "IMI Way Day", for the sixth time already. Half of this day was devoted to employee further training on the ethics programme and the other half to social and charitable projects at all the IMI sites worldwide. For the 340 Buschjost employees this meant all of them taking part in social initiatives on this day and taking on jobs such as painting or gardening in schools or kindergartens in Bad Oeynhausen, helping out at the school sports day at the Wittekindshof (an institution for people with disabilities), or helping out at the Vlotho animal shelter. Even at Buschjost, itself, painting and other DIY jobs were also carried out. Overall, the employees performed more than 1,200 hours of work.

At the end of the day, the people responsible in the organisations as well as the Buschjost employees were visibly enthusiastic about the activities. "It was fun", "something different for a change", "a nice team building initiative, too" – to quote just a few statements from the employees. There was also positive feedback from the children, who were the beneficiaries of the activities, ultimately. "For instance, at the Wichern primary school, we painted the toilets in bright, friendly shades and a little girl was absolutely delighted with the pretty colours," said one Buschjost employee. In other places, the little ones even got actively involved and helped with the sweeping or the weeding. Furthermore, the employees also drew a lot of personal inspiration. "One colleague who had helped out at the Wittekindshof was so enthusiastic about the day that he promised straight away to come again in his free time," said Lutz Missbach, Head of HR, with a grin.