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Climate-neutral post with GoGreen: Actively protecting the climate

Buschjost GmbH has again been awarded the GoGreen Certificate from Deutsche Post DHL for its active commitment to the issue of climate protection. This certifies that the company offset 1.64 tonnes of CO2 in 2013. The certificate was issued by the Carbon Management department of Deutsche Post DHL.

Since 10 August 2011, Buschjost has posted every letter in a carbon-neutral manner. This has been possible thanks to the GoGreen initiative from Deutsche Post DHL. As part of this initiative, the CO2 emissions produced in the transport and processing of all letter correspondence are measured using an ISO-certified procedure and then offset through climate protection projects.

Specifically, this money has been put to use in supporting the following climate protection projects over the past year.

  • Efficient boilers in Lesotho
  • Household biogas programme in China
  • A biomass power station in India
  • A wind power station in Nicaragua
  • A wind power station in China
  • A ceramic water purifier in Cambodia
  • A landfill gas plant in Turkey
  • Reforestation in Uganda

Buschjost has pledged to minimise its impact on the environment as much as possible. This is part of the company philosophy of being socially responsible whilst proactively sustaining its own economic activity.