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Educational days at Buschjost: Looking for qualified young people!

Mirco Schneckener of the turning department (middle) with two interested students.

What actually happens during a training or work-study programme? What does it look like "behind the scenes" at a valve manufacturer? The visitors to this year’s Educational Days at Buschjost were able to discover all of this.

For the second time Buschjost gave pupils and teachers the opportunity to become informed about the various apprenticeships and dual study courses offered by Buschjost. Trainees and trainers answered questions, reported on the training and provided information on everything that the participants wanted to know.

A total of 30 pupils, two teachers and two career guides from Bad Oeynhausen, Löhne or Vlotho used this opportunity and were guided through the company and the individual departments by Buschjost  trainees from different years of training.

The visitors were clearly delighted that they could gain an insight into their preferred career: How is a tool maintained? How are parts turned or milled? How are plastics processed? How is a machine maintained? How are valve parts designed in 3D? How are orders put together? How are applications seen? All of these things could even be tried out.

The idea was for visitors to be able to experience Buschjost's training. "This succeeded well" says personnel manager Lutz Missbach, who was pleased with the good response. Many participants were excited and at the same time amazed by what they saw and heard.  "The company and its production were substantially bigger and more extensive than I had imagined" said one visitor. And another visitor commented: "the depth of production at Buschjost surprised me. It is fascinating how much they produce here on site themselves."

Buschjost's conclusion is that it was a very successful event. "Now of course we are hoping that this is reflected in the future by the job applications", says Lutz Missbach. "Our greatest potential is our staff. To ensure that this potential starts to unfold early stage, we attach great importance to competent and versatile training."

Buschjost's career starters go through an intensive introduction phase before joining the relevant departments. There, they are integrated into ongoing projects and must actively involve themselves in the day to day processes. In their training the trainees learn not only everything about their jobs and valve technology, but may also get an insight into other areas. With monthly training, the trainees introduce themselves to different departments and in this way they get to know about the company, product development and quality as well as the financial or purchasing departments.

The Group background with the global Norgren network also opens up new career paths. Through the Norgren Exchange Programme, talented employees of Buschjost get the chance to broaden their horizons in international locations, to be introduced to new tasks or to share experiences.

The company currently employs 22 trainees and three dual students, and eight new trainees will start in August.