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Schoolgirls and female MINT students explore the world of technology at Buschjost

Buschjost has participated in the project MINTrelation – Zukunftswerkstatt Technikberufe (MINTrelation technical professions in the future) since last year. The aim of the project is to encourage young women to take an interest in technical professions.
After a workshop, where all the participating schoolgirls and students compiled their hopes and expectations regarding their “ideal future workplace”, three schoolgirls and one student then started their business orientation days at Buschjost at the end of November.
After a brief introduction, they were able to take a closer look behind the scenes in the production department. In direct contact with experienced, skilled female workers and trainees, they were able to have all their questions answered.
They then gained some first-hand, practical experience in metal working in our training workshop under the guidance of Pia Firus (trainee industrial mechanic) and Thomas Handt (industrial training manager).
A joint workshop will take place in April, when first impressions will be discussed and suggestions will be requested. All this is intended to recruit more female junior staff to the MINT professions.