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Prevention at Buschjost: Health takes priority

Oliver Wehking (left) and Birgit König (right) from Buschjost with Dr Stephan Braune (2nd left) and Michael Schelp from Johanniter-Ordenshäuser.

The health of employees is of utmost importance at Buschjost GmbH. For this reason, the company held its third health and fitness action day for employees this week.

“Every company benefits from the health, motivation and commitment of its employees“, said Buschjost CEO Oliver Wehking. As a result, Buschjost will be focussing on health management, as well as training and qualifications, work space organisation and shift patterns. “We would like our employees to develop better awareness of their health and to engage with this. As a result we will be able to maintain employability but also to increase quality of life and satisfaction.”

The programme for the health day included talks on the “acid-base balance” and “factors that influence health” as well as many participatory activities: at the Johanniter-Ordenshäuser hospitals, for example, your personal stroke risk is determined by measuring blood pressure and pulse, checking blood sugar, doing a cholesterol test and a risk check. Health insurance companies IKK Classic and Techniker Krankenkasse came to the company with measurement equipment and ascertained, often to the amazement of the person being tested, lung function and muscle tension in the shoulder/neck region.

In addition to this, the employees got moving at a Zumba class (Klinik Porta Westfalica ) and did “Qi Gong“ (Lebensbaum) and gymnastics for a healthy back (Bali Health Club) all to energetic music in order to improve their posture and body image as well as their concentration and coordination.

Summary of the day: the employees took to the various activities on offer at the Buschjost health day with great enthusiasm. “We owe all of this to the partners involved who contributed a great deal of time and were exceptionally committed. Thank you very much for this! We heard many positive comments and we will definitely do it again,” promises Head of Human Resources Lutz Missbach.