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IMI Way Day at Buschjost: Corporate commitment to social projects

Andreas Koch, Irsad Altay, Andreas Cebulla, Bernd Melchior, Christine Wotsch (from left) had fun on her work.

The 330 employees of Buschjost GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen experienced a very different kind of working day during mid June:in total contrast to their usual duties, they painted, sanded down, made gardens spick and span, and plenty of other things too.

On 13.06.13, entire business operations stopped for a day. The reason was an in-house company further training project called "IMI Way Day" which IMI Plc., Buschjost's parent company, organised on this day in all its IMI branches worldwide.

The IMI Way is a code of practice for all members of the IMI Group which was initiated in the year 2009. Enshrined in it are values for creating fair, sustainable business operations. Buschjost's personnel manager Lutz Missbach explains, "to ensure that every employee knows and internalises these values it is vital that they are communicated on a continual basis; but it is even more important for them to be experienced".

The day was composed of two halves for all employees: first there was a training period in which existing knowledge was deepened. In the second part all employees took part in a social project, carrying out work in Bad Oeynhausen's schools such as painting classrooms, sanding down benches or spreading mulch. For example, in the Schulzentrum Nord (north school centre) alone, 12 classrooms were painted, under the energetic direction of Buschjost painter Uwe Kohlwig. One troop helped with the barbecue and organising of games for the school sports day at the Wittekindshof. And during the afternoon, the teams played against each other in a football tournament. A total of over 1000 working hours were achieved on this day.

The school directors found it a successful project in all aspects. "They were delighted with how good everything looked afterwards. They had expected to end up with blotchy walls," smiles Lutz Missbach. And for some employees, it even provided an opportunity to revisit the school where they had spent many hours as pupils themselves. "Memories of previous experiences returned for some of us".