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Buschjost welcomed invited guests to Bad Oeynhausen: Identifying commonalities

CEO Oliver Wehking (right) and Sales Manager Dirk Küster showcase the product range.

"We want our clients to be successful. We want to generate growth in partnership with them," said Buschjost CEO, Oliver Wehking, in his opening address. Buschjost GmbH organised a two-day in-house exhibition in parallel with the Hannover Messe.

Large-scale exhibition booths showcasing both Buschjost and its parent company, Norgren, attracted a large number of German and foreign clients to Bad Oeynhausen. During tours of the facilities, they took the opportunity of gaining some behind-the-scenes insights and chatted informally with Buschjost staff. On both days, the programme of events also included workshops dealing with process, high-pressure, filter and flange valves as well as special solutions, plus presentations about Buschjost's R&D capabilities.

"We wanted our offering to appeal, above all, to clients visiting the Hannover Messe. And that really worked a treat," said Sales Manager Dirk Küster, expressing his delight at how successful the event had been.  "We had a lot of promising conversations and initiated several  contracts as well."