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Filter valves: A high-performance diaphragm for extreme temperatures

Whether Siberia or Malaysia: Buschjost filter valves are a reliable option even in extreme temperatures. Other technical benefits include durability, very short opening and closing times and high pressure impulse/pressure surge. This guarantees efficient cleaning in all situations and saves the end user money by using considerably less compressed air.

At the heart of the robust filter valves is a one-piece plastic diaphragm. Where up to now two separate standard diaphragms were required for temperature ranges from -40 to +85 °C and temperatures between -10 to +140 °C, a high-performance polymer now covers the whole spectrum from -45 bis +140 °C. This offers plant manufacturers a higher level of safety and increases the service life of individual valves. All requirements for efficient cleaning can now be covered worldwide with a single diaphragm.

Plastic diaphragms have a significantly longer working life compared to standard fabric diaphragms. The diaphragm is a single component that works reliably and continuously for a long period of time without pressure springs. As a result, there are no broken springs, for instance, which can lead to valve leakage and so to cleaning faults, especially at sub-zero temperatures. 

Another major benefit is the fact that it is easy to install. Thanks to its special technical features, the simply designed plastic diaphragm can only be installed in one direction. Overhead installation is also possible, since there is no fiddly installation of individual parts that can get lost. The advantages are obvious: maintenance work is carried out quickly and easily, downtime is reduced, plant operating times are increased.

Customised solutions can always be developed. Buschjost carries out research, development and production under one roof. Whether connection geometries, flange mounting types, pressure increase times or closing times of the filter valves, the properties of the diaphragm can be adjusted at any time to meet the actual requirements of the customer.

The markets to the east are opening up more and more. Protection of the environment is being taken into greater account here now. Stricter regulations are also coming into effect all over the world. Investment in filtration equipment will increase, be it in pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture or primary industry. With Buschjost filter technology, the customer invests in the future.

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