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Filter cleaning system: Complementing the product range

Buschjost is now offering a particularly compact filter cleaning system with a modular design that can be adapted to customer requirements. The high quality system solution meets all current guidelines and removes the need for customers to build expensive tanks.

The fact is, filter systems around the world must be constantly improved. For this reason, Buschjost is adding to its 6" flex-on® filter cleaning system by also offering a 3" version for identical application ranges. This tank system is modular, flexible and designed for the smallest filter systems. It allows customers to easily stay abreast of increasing environmental demands.

The compact filter cleaning systems is based on a tank measuring a maximum of 2,000 mm in length with a diameter of 75 mm. Manufactured from aluminium alloy, the smooth surface allows impurities and dust deposits to be removed extremely easily. And unlike steel tanks, the high quality material cannot corrode. But there are even more customer benefits: Expensive tank construction can be avoided, with the customer receiving a tailor-made system shortly after drawing approval. This system is manufactured to a high quality at the German production site and delivered with inspection certificates in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 1.

The filter cleaning system is designed for valve sizes up to a nominal width of DN 25. Special valves with a variety of characteristics are also available, allowing the system to be equally suitable for pulse cleaning and for flush cleaning with pressurised air. The filter cleaning system works reliably with no loss of pressure or leakage at media temperatures between -40 °C and +80 °C.  The operating pressure is between 0.4 and 8 bar. As well as filter valves and blowpipes, the filter cleaning system can also be equipped with a control box or peripheral devices such as feed and drainage valves, manometers or a measurement line cleaner, depending on the field of use. Integrated filter ventilation valves with high performance membranes ensure short reaction times, high pressure peaks and excellent perfusion. Due to the extremely short response times of the membranes, the pulse duration is very short, saving expensive pressurised air and quickly paying economic dividends.

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