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Buschjost is celebrating its 80th birthday: Investing in the future

Oliver Wehking (on the right) and Lutz Missbach with the new Buschjost chronical.

"Our business objective is to give clients real added value through well-trained employees", explains Buschjost's Managing Director Oliver Wehking. The history of Buschjost GmbH spans 80 years and makes it quite clear that this concept works.

It has been a long road from the workshop for electric motors established on 28th February 1933 by Friedrich Buschjost to the global player of today. As a subsidiary of IMI Norgren with its global operations, we now offer secure jobs to more than 330 employees in Bad Oeynhausen-Lohe. The development of simple magnetic valves began in 1953 and became the foundation of the company's rapid rise.

Buschjost grew quickly and yet each year managed to gain qualified workers. To maintain this in the future, the anniversary year will be focused upon training. To this end, Buschjost will be attending various job fairs this year, including My Job in Bad Salzuflen and Go Future in Minden. In June a "Day of Training" is planned alongside the "Open Day" and all Buschjost employees and their families are invited. Pupils from Bad Oeynhausen, Löhne and Vlotho can learn on-site about Buschjost as a company and the qualified jobs it offers.

"How seriously we take training and further training is demonstrated by the fact that more than 10% of our personnel are apprentices or dual students", Lutz Missbach, HR Manager at Buschjost explains. "We know that we are investing in our own future. Qualified specialists are in greater demand than ever. Overall, the company now employs 23 apprentices and six dual students. Nine apprentices have recently completed their training last month and six new apprentices will be starting in August. 

There will also be advanced training opportunities for other Buschjost employees. External training is part of everyday life at the valve manufacturer. Additionally, an in-house "Buschjost College" has been created in the past year. Here employees can train their colleagues in areas which they have expertise in, such as computer programmes, valve applications or quality management. There are also workshops with external trainers, for example on management issues or legal matters.

The company background with the global Norgren network opens further new career paths. Through the Norgren exchange programme, talented employees from Buschjost get the chance to extend their horizons at international sites, to be introduced to new jobs or to exchange experiences.

A definite milestone in the company history was with the incorporation into IMI Norgren in 1997. This opened new, global business areas for Buschjost. Managing Director Oliver Wehking says it is obvious that manufacturing in Bad Oeynhausen benefited from this: "Our interest is in maintaining our own high vertical integration level in the face of globalisation and increasing output figures. This means: We not only need to keep our machinery completely up-to-date, but we also need additional skilled workers, constructors, quality control personnel and marketing staff".

There is already a move towards client-specific valves and systems solutions of increasing technical sophistication; a development which greatly benefits Buschjost, as Oliver Wehking emphasises: "Buschjost is known in the market for being a leader in technology and innovation, and also for setting quality benchmarks - Buschjost produces reliability and delivers it with service and advice!"