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Buschjost wins approval: Well-known air freight forwarder

On 14th December 2012 Buschjost GmbH was certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority as a "well-known forwarder". The company hereby fulfills EU regulation (EG) 300/2008.

The German Federal Aviation Authority granted its certification after successful completion of the approval process, which also included an on-site examination of the company's facilities. This certification recognises Buschjost as a well-known forwarder, and the company has been registered as such in the EU-wide database under certification number DE/KC/00651-01/1217.

Since 11th September 2001, air freight consignments have been specially protected from access by third parties. New regulations concerning the so-called "safe supply chain"  introduced after 29th April 2010 will finally enter into force on 25th March 2013, following a three-year transition period. These regulations stipulate that air freight consignments must be protected from unauthorised access. Aircraft may be loaded only with air freight that has been classified as safe. The air freight must therefore either be inspected by regulated agents before loading, which takes significant time and incurs substantial costs, or the forwarder must itself gain certification as a known forwarder and consequently carry out certain security checks in-house.

For customers this certification means above all that they can rely on the smooth handling of their freight at airports. "In this way we can continue to deliver quickly and at reasonable cost without charging extra", said Buschjost's Managing Director Oliver Wehking, pleased that Buschjost is among the few companies in Germany to have successfully completed the federal authority's extensive audit. "After all, Buschjost forwards many air freight consignments annually. Without certification, this would certainly involve significant additional effort."