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Buschjost honours its long-standing employees: Up to 50 years of valve experience

Buschjost celebrated a combined total of 215 years of company loyalty: (from left) Sandra Fründ, Oliver Wehking, Patrick Ludwig, Jürgen Hartmann, Dirk Detering, Gerhard König, Gunnar Brinkmann, Jochen Niederkleine.

Long-standing loyalty to the company is a tradition at Buschjost GmbH. The company held a ceremony to honour 10 employees who have a combined total of 215 years of service, and we also bid farewell to three employees who are going into retirement.

215 years is a long time. During this time, each individual employee has contributed his/her commitment, ideas and individual personality. "It is simply a matter of course for us to honour and celebrate this.  Each individual employee personally plays a part in our success through his or her expertise, loyalty and motivation", explains managing director, Oliver Wehking. "Long-standing employees are a sign of the good corporate philosophy and corporate culture at Buschjost, and they also testify to our pleasant working environment".

Nowadays, it's no longer the norm to work for the same company for a decade or more. At Buschjost, six colleagues have an even better service record: They have worked for Buschjost for 25 or 50 years.

We honoured the following anniversaries: Horst-Günter Schramm (50 years), Jürgen Hartmann, Gunnar Brinkmann, Jochen Niederkleine, Dirk Detering, Kurt Niederbröker (all 25 years), Sandra Fründ, Patrick Ludwig, Sergej Schäfer, Florian Jungk (all 10 years). Horst-Günter Schramm, Volker Horacek (after more than 28 years) and Gerhard König (after almost 23 years) have now retired.