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Start of training at Buschjost: Trainees on Tour 2012

It has been a tradition at Buschjost for a number of years now that the new and the old trainees, along with their trainers, get to know each other a little better on a two-day trainee trip and to prepare for the new training year together. This year was no exception.

At the beginning of August eleven new trainees began their training at Buschjost: lathe operators, industrial mechanics, toolmakers and process technicians, warehouse logistics staff, technical product designers, manufacturing administrators and dual students of mechanical engineering and business administration.

After a day spent getting to know one another, all trainees then went into their future departments. The third week of training then saw the combined tour for all 30 Buschjost trainees, six dual students and their six trainers. In time-honoured tradition, the destination and course were kept secret until the end. First it was by foot from Vlotho to the youth hostel in Rinteln (more than 20 kilometres at that!), which did not generate a great deal of enthusiasm. Most had never walked such a distance before. And so legs were tired and bodies were worn out when they all arrived at the youth hostel in Rinteln.

Along the way different teams had to perform an Olympic decathlon, which included the standing long jump, running, valve throwing and goal wall shooting. Mutual support, recognising and at times overcoming personal barriers, patience, stamina and having an open mind were needed. “Qualities that are in demand both during training and later in one’s career and which, in addition to imparting expert knowledge and methods, are important to Buschjost,” Lutz Missbach, HR Manager, explained.

After an overnight stay at the youth hostel in Rinteln, it was then back to Vlotho in canoes. Since the River Weser flows well, this was significantly easier to manage and some boats with their paddles were soon cooling down other trainees and trainers.

The works council did an excellent job providing the trainees with drinks and other refreshments during the walk and paddle tour. Management was in charge of the barbecue and this tour was again an all round success.

After the tour is before the tour, and preparations for the trainee trip 2013 are already underway.