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Buschjost apprentices help out at kindergarten: unaccustomed activities

Ten Buschjost GmbH apprentices recently got a first glimpse of a completely new line of work. They spent a whole day helping to get the grounds of the "Plumpaquatsch" kindergarten back in shape. There were a lot of activities that many were not used to, such as gardening and other landscaping tasks.

"It is important to Buschjost that apprentices are involved in activities outside of work. And our partnership with the kindergarten is a great opportunity for both parties", said human resource manager Lutz Missbach.

The partnership started in 2008. At that time, the child of a Buschjost employee attended the Plumpaquatsch kindergarten. This led to the partnership. And over the past few years there have been plenty of initiatives, such as practical help with renovation work, support through donations, and also a visit by the children to Buschjost.

The company has worked very closely with the kindergarten for a number of years and has been trying to get the little ones interested in technology from an early age. "At that age, children discover an understanding for technology", said Lutz Missbach.