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Maintenance network meeting OWL (East Westphalia) at Buschjost: Lively exchange

The 12th meeting of the "OWL maintenance" network was held this time in the offices of Buschjost in Bad Oeynhausen. The focus of the discussion at the regional enterprise was a Buschjost experience report and the topics of "Preventative maintenance" and "Thermography".

After the presentations, the meeting had a practical follow-up. Christian Bekemeier, Head of Production in Production Services, and Martin Janik, Head of Maintenance, conducted the approximately 30 participants in two groups around Buschjost's production facility. The networkers were visibly impressed by the level of production thoroughness in the company. The presentation of thermography on a running machine was also well received.

The use of thermography in general is multifaceted. In connection with production maintenance, this process is often used for preventative maintenance of electrical components. This is done by taking thermal images and comparing them, over a period of time, to see whether, for example, building components or cables are getting particularly warm. The overheating of building components could lead to a system failure in the near future, so a preventative exchange of these components is then planned.