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For power plant technology: SIL piston valves

In order to cover the rapidly growing demand for energy, in the next few years many new power plants will be needed for energy production. In power plants, a wide range of magnetically actuated process valves manufactured by Buschjost GmbH are already used for all kinds of different applications. A number of requirements are placed on them – they cover a temperature range of -10° to +110°, operate from 0 bar to a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar, offer a high degree of functional safety and are low maintenance.

In order to substantiate the functional safety of these sophisticated products, extensive regulations and standards have been issued, among them SIL Safety Integrity Level, based on DIN E 61508, which was issued a few years ago. In some operating areas no components can now be used unless they are SIL approved.

We have developed three piston valve series specifically for Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2), based on DIN E 61508. The certified safety technology guarantees, besides reliability, a very high level of availability. The series have nominal diameter of DN 15 to DN 100 and port sizes of 1/2" to 2". They can be used with both liquid and gaseous media. These valves are also usable for the highest security level SIL 4 as they can be mounted in a redundant arrangement. 

Buschjost's product portfolio as well includes back-pressure piston valves. If required, SIL certification can also be obtained for these valves. This means that Buschjost will also be able to expand its range of power plant valves in the future too.

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