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Motorised control valves for air-conditioning systems in commercial vehicles: Tailor-made solutions

Developed and validated with leading OEMs, Buschjost motorised control valves of the 82880 series, Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), meet the complex demands of the industry. Cost-efficient and robust, they ensure a long equipment service life.  Their energy consumption is low, since expensive pneumatic forms of energy for actuation are no longer required. The well-engineered series of valves is available as 2 or 3-way models and is extremely dirt-resistant and specifically designed for water/glycol mixtures. Another advantage for the coach sector is that the valves operate very quietly.

Air-conditioning in coaches and buses used for urban transport has to work efficiently in all seasons. An even distribution of heat and cold is very important so that passengers feel comfortable and the driver has a pleasant work environment. Motorised control valves from Buschjost play an important role in this environment.

Motorised control valves are the backbone of any heating and air-conditioning system in commercial vehicles. They form the interface between the cooling water circuit and the interior compartment heating or air-conditioning system. They are directly integrated into the air-conditioning control system. The demand profile requires a light-weight yet robust construction, plus a durable design that will function safely under the harsh environmental conditions inside the engine compartment and cope with temperatures of –30 to +110 °C in a pressure range of 0.09 to 2.5 bar (static max. 4 bar). The design must also be very compact yet easy to service, as the space for installation in vehicles is very restricted. 

There are two different valve types available: Motorised control valves with control discs for low flow rates or ball valves for very high flow rates. The air-condition system determines which valve type should be used. Control disc valves and ball-type valves can both be customized. We have a professional consultancy service for this purpose. Before the product is actually released, flow conditions are measured at the customer’s site and the electronics and the motor are thoroughly checked.

The motorised control valves are therefore tailored to the flow characteristics of each customer. “We look into our customers’ requirements and supply exactly the right valve that the OEM needs for the development of his commercial vehicle,” says Christian Rehme, Head of the Commercial Vehicle Sector. Various connection sizes complete the concept. In addition, there is another voltage range for 12 volt and 24 volt applications which can withstand any voltage fluctuations. They have been designed strictly in accordance with the relevant standards, and comply with the regulations governing EMC immunity.  

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