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A combined total of 610 years at Buschjost

Buschjost has a strong tradition of long service. The company invited all those celebrating a service milestone and their partners for a celebration at the Bonneberg Hotel.

Those honoured for a combined total of 610 years of service at Buschjost were:
40 years: 
Rolf Mehmed; Turning shop

25 years:
Hans-Joachim Beckmann, Sabine Meyer, Manfred Reckefuß; Sales
Gerhard Braun; IT
Franke Houwing, Lutz Miering, Thomas Vogt; Turning shop
Ralf Hüffmeier; Tool management
Detlef Karweg, Maria Smoletz; Distribution centre
Edda Kirstein; Valve assembly
Bernd Kleinschmidt; Machining centre
Friedrich Knappmeier, Michael Kolbe; Technical development
Martina Lenger; Finance
Uwe Waschkowitz; Polymer processing

10 years:
Rüdiger Abele; Finance
Alexander Akatow, Sven Mailand; Magnetic systems
Mario Bennewitz; Distribution centre
Jens Blumhardt, Mirco Schneckener, Sylke Wattenberg; Turning shop
Ralf Buenger, Martin Janik; Maintenance
Thomas König; Production management
Ulrich Lill, Sven Schroller, Marco Schumacher, Peter Sukau; Valve assembly
Guido Pfeiffer; Central warehouse management
Andrea Staeding; Polymer processing
Christian Stuke; Toolmaking