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From very cold to very hot: Filter valves for extreme ranges

Buschjost is surrendering to new demands from the markets and is now offering special filter valves which are customised for a wide range of various loads and perform their duties reliably at high minus and plus temperatures. Cost savings due to longer service lives and lower compressed air consumption, increased security due to lower susceptibility to failure and high production output due to fast and easy maintenance with shorter down-times are all further benefits offered by these valves.

The markets to the east are opening up more and more. Cement and lime plants are being set up with state-of-the-art technology and with the highest levels of environmental protection. Dust-laden media must be filtered reliably before they get into the air. Environmental temperatures place particularly high demands on filter technology, which has to be able to function reliably in all adverse conditions. Minus temperatures into double-figures are not a rare occurrence in winter, for example. Buschjost is completely fulfilling these requirements with the valves.

At the heart of Buschjost filter valves is a robust plastic membrane. This membrane has a significantly longer working life compared to standard fabric membranes and therefore offers a high cost saving for users. The membrane is a single component in all sizes and works reliably without the other components common on the market, such as pressure springs. Other manufacturers are not currently able to offer such a single component solution in all sizes. These manufacturers generally use metal discs in the membrane. Inserting these metal discs damages the membrane already and so has a negative effect on its service life.

The pressure spring is necessary in comparable standard valves in order to ensure the safe valve function. However, in the case of frequent valve switching, it is prone to loss of spring tension or, in extreme cases, to the spring breaking. This can lead to valve leakage and so to cleaning faults. This cannot happen for Buschjost filter valves due to their single component solution with no spring!

The single component solution also ensures faster, simpler maintenance, fewer system down-times and so to higher production output for the user himself.

The filter valves also boast very short opening and quick closure times as well as a high pressure impulse/pressure surge. This guarantees a high level of cleaning in all situations and saves the end user money thanks to reduced compressed air consumption.

The valves in the Buschjost model ranges 82960 and 82900 are available in aluminium and stainless steel. Special housing coatings are available for use in aggressive environments. They are available in nominal widths of G ¾ to G 3 inches and can be operated magnetically or pneumatically. They work reliably at temperatures between -40 °C and +140 °C and at operating pressures of 0.4 to 8 bar. The valves are constructed for long, maintenance-free operation - an important criteria for use in Siberia or Kazakhstan. 

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