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Robust, flexible and compact: Solenoid valves for professional coffee machines

There are a number of advantages for the use of this compact valve series from Buschjost in fully automatic professional coffee machines. They guarantee long-term, high-quality performance with significantly decreased maintenance costs. The magnetically actuated valves comprised of high-performance plastics have replaced the metal valves and ensure perfect enjoyment. Permitted pursuant to NSF, FDA and WRAS, they reliably control the cold water, hot water, steam and the necessary cleaning processes.

The highlight is their robust design, which maintains a permanently high output under all conditions. The solenoid valves must be resistant against all media. This especially applies to water, the quality of which varies considerably worldwide and is often underestimated. Various degrees of hardness and calcification and the isolated occurrence of chlorides stress the components. The solenoid valve materials and material combinations are perfectly designed to meet the various requirements on-site and ensure the required corrosion resistance, a high reliability and therefore a long service life. Calcification belongs to the past. In addition, there is the low-maintenance valve design which extends the necessary service intervals to 24 months in order to guarantee flawless function.

Up to ten single or concatenated plastic valves are used in a fully automatic coffee machine for the various fields of activity and according to the various water paths. They also provide for a significantly lower temperature loss of the heating system. From the first touch of a button to the last cup: The coffee is always at the right temperature and delicious. In concatenated valves, water distribution takes place via a system that is easy to configure. This reduces the piping expense to an absolute minimum. The space requirement decreases and the construction is more compact. This simultaneously increases flexibility as additional functions are able to be integrated in the coffee machine. A further positive: The user can reduce their inventories both in the factory and in service. Concatenation allows inventories of fittings, pipes, sealing material, etc., which would be required for a single valve assembly, to be saved.

The perfected magnet valve series 'Plug and Use' concept, a further development of the successful Buschjost Click-on®-System, enables both simple application integration as well as a rapid module assembly. The valves are connected together into maintenance friendly modules without additional components. Interlock, turn 90° and engage: The single valves have now been completely and easily connected and can be extended as required so that no design limits are set. This reduces assembly times and therefore also the manufacturer's production costs. No tools and no removal of screws are required for maintenance. The same applies for assembly: The user does not need to perform any additional sealing or leakage tests - simply 'Plug and Use'. This allows for longer service intervals and faster service performance.

Likewise, concatenation minimises potential leakage sites. All elements, such as connectors, screw joints or tubes, are no longer required between the single valves. Less connection points, which always represent a leakage danger, mean fewer points of weakness and error sources in the system.

The technical highlights of the valve module are: Operating pressure up to 16 bar, fluid temperature of 0 to +125°C, ambient temperature of 0 to + 50°C, nominal diameter of 2.2 mm, connection size of 6 mm, PPSU housing material, EPDM sealing seat, stainless steel internal parts.

Apart from the fully automatic coffee machine segment, the 'Plug and Use' solenoid valves are also effective in cream and ice machines, drinking water dispensers or mixed drink dispensers. Due to their design, they conserve resources, are universally applicable and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

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