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Start training at Buschjost: Focus on new jobs

The new apprentices and their training managers (from left to right): Training manager for the commercial apprentices Thomas Handt, Felix Köster, Training Manageress for the draughtsmen Silke Holtkamp, Pascal Siebenschuh, Christine Wotsch, Tim Brinkmann, Nadine Schnecknener, Tobias Olbricht, Adnan Fejzic, Training Manageress for warehouse logistics Veronika Bennert.

Seven young adults from Bad Oeynhausen and the surrounding area started work on the 1st of August. They started their apprenticeship at the process valve specialist company Buschjost GmbH, Ventiltechnik und Systeme (Buschjost Valve Technology and Systems). Two industrial sales management assistants and two cutting machine operators, one tool maker and one industrial mechanic are being trained.  In addition, for the first time, a warehouse logistics specialist will be trained.

"How seriously we take training and advanced training is demonstrated by the fact that more than 10% of our personnel are apprentices or dual students", Lutz Missbach, HR Manager at Buschjost explains. "We know that we are investing in our own future. Qualified specialists are in greater demand than ever. "Overall, the company now employs 30 apprentices and four dual students.

The job descriptions are in transition. This also applies to the valve specialist. For years, Buschjost has offered the dual study of business administration (FHDW Bielefeld and Paderborn), as well as production management (FH Lemgo). The first dual students are already in the process of taking their final exams and will be employed in suitable positions in the company.  New jobs in the IT department, and more recently in the warehousing department, supplement the training offer and make the company fit for the future.  "In the next training year, the job of process technician will be added", explains Lutz Missbach. "That will bring it to a total of seven training jobs."

Buschjost leaves nothing to chance: On the one side, the selection process for new talent has been optimised in collaboration with the University of Bielefeld and external trainers. On the other, regular advanced training for all trainers in the company is actively being encouraged. The valve specialist attaches great value, not only to the specialist training, but also to the development and promotion of individual personalities as well as autonomy and self-responsibility. Projects, training, and joint activities are designed for exactly this.

In the first two days, the apprentices get to know each other, their work place and area of responsibility and their personal trainers. They introduce themselves in the Intranet and a small "house rally" is started. On the third day, the traditional "apprentice-introduction-trip" is started which will round off the first week and the start into working life.