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Jubilarians honoured: 100 years Buschjost

Together 100 years of service: (from left) Manfred Reckefuß, Hans-Joachim Beckmann and Gerhard Braun (Friedrich Knappmeier is not shown).

Long-term company affiliation is tradition at the Buschjost GmbH. In July the company will honour four jubilarians with a total of 100 years service. Gerhard Braun, Hans-Joachim Beckmann, Friedrich Knappmeier and Manfred Reckefuß. The four belong to the old hands at Buschjost, and not just a few are still with us. In the past years they have experiences a great deal and have also played a role in many changes.

At Buschjost the experience of our employees is the key to our company's success. In the words of Lutz Missbach, teh Head of Personnel, "The long-term, continued success of our company has been possible only through the commitment of our employees. Every single employee, with his or her know-how, loyality and high level of motivation, stands personally behind our success." "As a company, we profit from the wealth of knowledge of our long-standing employees. Combined with our new employees, this is what makes us so successful. Our goal is therefore not only to engage new employees and to grow, but also to keep our long-standing employees."