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Buschjost valves significantly prolong maintenance intervals for drinks machines: Simply Plug and Use

„Of course it also was a bit of luck to being able to make our entry into the valve market for professional coffee machines and drink dispensers together with one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. On the other hand, bringing in the decades of experience in design and production of solenoid valves, Buschjost of course had the best preconditions to enter end penetrate this market“, explains Axel Wangler. And indeed many things have happened since Buschjost valves have been installed for the first time in a coffee machine. With the „Food & Beverage“ sector, a completely new business field has originated for the valve manufacturer from Bad Oeynhausen.

„We achieve impressing growth rates year after year“, states Axel Wangler who is the responsible Key Account Manager for this sector. Axel Wangler’s great confidence is based on the wide and complete technology platform which Buschjost is able to supply into and around „Food & Beverages“: „We generate advantages against our competitors by always being keen on finding R&D solutions that bring added values for our customers.“ In case of the coffee machine valves, the magic word is the „Plug-and-Use“ concept, an enhancement of the successful Buschjost Click-on system. „This interlinkable concept allows combining single valves without any additional parts to complete sub-assemblies. Not only does this lower material costs but also saves assembly time“ explains Axel Wangler but clearly highlights something else to be the most important advantage of the Buschjost coffee machine valves: „By having a nearly maintenance-free valve design the service intervals are up to four times longer! Having a service technician maintaining the machine every six months to ensure the correct operation in the past, a check every two years will theoretically be enough when using the Buschjost valves.“

Additionally, the very space-saving design of the Buschjost products allows to get along with only one valve island inside the machine which is not only absolutely maintenance friendly and allows additional possibilities in the design but also makes the „Plug-and-Use“ valves universally usable. „From a coffee machine to milk-supplying units, drinking water dispensers, ice machines or other dispensing equipment there are multiple fields of application“, explains Axel Wangler who points out that the Buschjost valves are of course future-oriented: „The regulations to avoiding leaded components in drinking water applications becoming valid in 2013 are already fulfilled with our current generation of valves.“

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