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Dustfilter cleaning worldwide: Control with symbols

The Buschjost flex-on® filter cleaning system for cleaning dust filter systems has been successfully established in the market since 2009. The corresponding Buschjost solenoid valve control system for small and medium-sized dust collectors will be available in time for the Hanover Fair 2011. Hans-Joachim Beckmann, Product Manager for filter technology at Buschjost, has high hopes for the launch of the new control system: “The system is well engineered, simple to operate and attractively priced.“

It is no coincidence that Buschjost has purposely not “rushed” the development but – by involving external experts – has developed a system that is well engineered down to the last detail, that can control up to 64 solenoid valves dependent on time and differential pressure, without requiring the operator to have programming knowledge. This requirement has been greatly exceeded, as the new Buschjost control system boasts yet another outstanding feature: it is ready for immediate use and operation anywhere in the world without modification. Where previously, conventional control systems required the functions to be selected by control dials or keyboards, the Buschjost control system now offers a space-saving, up-to-date touch screen. But that’s not all. Unlike conventional methods, programming is not carried out via a language menu but entirely via simple, self-explanatory symbols. A vast improvement, according to Hans-Joachim Beckmann, as the system is ready for immediate use anywhere in the world: “From Argentina to Zimbabwe – without having to install complex and expensive language menus into the software,” says Hans-Joachim Beckmann who is inspired by the new product to be launched at the trade show.

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