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Doubling service life was the minimum goal: Series 85300 – reloaded!

Its mode of operation is well-known, its industrial applications are diverse: for many years preset solenoid valves such as the 85300 series have been among Buschjost’s most sought-after valves. Buschjost has been producing valves of this type for over ten years - they are known for their functionality and particular robustness. But of course, even with such tried-and-tested products Buschjost has to continually scrutinize.

With respect to the 85300 series, it was the use of valves in the blowing of PET bottles in the drinks industry that prompted a fundamental new development.  The cycle times in the production of PET bottles are extremely short and the valve has to cope with an enormous number of switching cycles.

So "Doubling the service life" was the goal that the Buschjost engineers set themselves in order to improve the finer points of this seasoned valve. The result was a modified valve in which the PTFE seals used previously were replaced by labyrinth seals and instead of the previous stainless steel piston, a compact piston now features.

Serial production of the new design for the 85300 series is started. New name of the series is 85360. In the medium term the design of the entire product range of solenoid valves will be switched over, in order to further secure Buschjost’s position as a technology leader in the market.

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